Sunday, 19 April 2015

Onwards and upwards - 2015

Howard's and my purpose for 2015 is to continue to readjust and re-frame our processes with input from the EII team. With that in mind, we started mapping how we can find alignment and joint efforts across possible projects. The EII Wall, which now exists in Howard's and my office, captures our work and efforts to that end.

Our next steps are to meet up with the EII members and together move forward in a cohesive but constantly varying and deviating process. Although being unstructured is important, we still need some structure to achieve our outcomes.

Local and global dimensions are now being thoughtfully added. In this context local refers to the work being completed at ground zero, the academics who are part of EII working on their projects and sharing the outcomes with colleagues, professional staff, and teachers. The global dimensions can have far reaching implications well beyond RMIT as the projects are documented and now reach out to others far a field.

The EII group will continue on its original values however, with local and global dimensions.

The EII group values:

1. Experimentation/innovation
2. Contextualisation (school, college, RMIT needs)
3. Collaboration
4. Dissemination
5. Output

Photo Credit howard61 cc licence on Flickr.

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