Wednesday, 25 March 2015

eii 2014

It has been great to reflect on some of the achievements of last year's Elearning Innovation Incubator at RMIT. In only a few months we were successful with a number of small scale projects. As well we enabled several PD sessions. As well as getting the chance to explore new tools and ideas we had a successful Google Community, and managed to provide some PD around some of the areas of interest. One highlight was the cross school collaboration, a feature we hope to include in 2015. We were also lucky to have input from Collabforge into our project methodology. This has lead to a review of how we do things and a lot of reflection. There will be more posts on the outcomes of this.

Projects were required to blog. Here are some of the successful ones.
Occulus Rift
Google Sites
Exploring Badges

I had RSS'd the blogs here in order to see them all in one place, although these are now no longer being updated and some have been turned off. Hopefully tho we will resume project blogging so that we can document and share as we go. This is something that we ourselves were remiss in - we didn't practice what we preach. Following the

Following the presentation we made to the college above we will be continuing the incubator in 2015.

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